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FEBRUARY 1, 2009 BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 16 DEBRA BARONE 1. Parties to an agreement are in pari delicto when both are equally guilty of a violation of a law. 2. No, because the U.S. West contract was a contract of adhesion. There was lack of mutuality. 3. No. Just because there is no fraud does not mean that no unconscionability exists. In many unconscionability situations, you do not need to prove that fraud does or does not exist. 4. No, she can not. This contest was illegal because it was conducted as a lottery, so it could not be enforced. 5. I feel the letter was written to solicit customers. By giving his address and phone number and stating that he was certified, clearly was soliciting customers since he no longer worked for Presto-X. 6. I agree. The Minnesota adoption statute said that the state was to place a child with an applicant only if it was in the best interest of the child. It would be against this policy if an adoption agency gave a child to just anyone, whether they paid the fees involved or not. 7.
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