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FEBRUARY 2009 BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 17 DEBRA BARONE 1. No. The written contract made replaces any spoken agreement that they may have made regarding the twenty foot strip of land. The case involves the ethical values of integrity, truthfulness, and promise keeping. 2. Yes, the contract is binding. The letter written by Cresheim was a written contract even though it was not signed by both parties. 3. Yes, she has the defense that her promise was not binding because it was not evidenced by writing. 4. Under the law, the description of the land MUST be in the contract to be enforced. 5. The court ruled in Freitag’s favor. The promise to pay him was to keep him working so they would not be held liable if the work was not done. In my opinion, this constitutes fraud. Boeing made a promise to benefit itself rather than to benefit someone else. 6. No. The ad could not be combined with the signed letter because there was nothing in either of them to link them together. If there is no internal link,
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