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FEBRUARY 2009 BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 18 DEBRA BARONE 1. A life insurance policy is an example of a third party beneficiary contract. The insured is the obligee, who obtains the promise of the insurer, the obligor, to pay the amount of the policy to the beneficiary on the death of the insured. 2. No, he was not correct. The assignment of the right to money was effective and it did not matter that John was not notified of the assignment or the hearing. 3. No, Lee is not required to do so. . The performance of personal services can not be assigned without the consent of the person who is performing the services. Especially in this case, when the burden to paint a three story house is greater than painting a two story house. 4. No, Sally is not liable. An assignor does not guarantee that the obligor will perform the services. 5. 6. Rustic was liable for the amount Washington paid Smithville. This is covered by the consumer protection provision of the Federal Trade Commission Regulation. 7.
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