BUSINESSLAW CHAPTER 52 - have?? 9. 10. The children could...

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MARCH 2009 BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 52 DEBRA BARONE ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS AND CASE PROBLEMS 1. Yes, the grandchildren do have a right to see the trust agreements. They could then determine if the trustee was carrying out his duties. 2. Yes, she did lack the mental capacity to execute a will. 3. No, because she didn’t destroy the second will in order to revoke it. 4. No, I do not agree. There does not have to be a reason that one child was disliked. 5. Because it was in a safe deposit box, we can assume that Field tore it. It seems that she wanted to only revoke the fifth bequest. 6. Unfortunately not. A will must be signed at the end of the will itself. 7. She did have the capacity to make the will and the will was entitled to probate. 8. The court actually revoked the will! I was surprised. They presumed Copenhaver drew the pencil lines through it. .... but couldn’t someone else
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Unformatted text preview: have?? 9. 10. The children could provide no proof that Wall had any involvement in the making of the will. Therefore, Jeanette is entitled to the estate. 11. Cruxton had every right to leave his estate to the waitress. He cherished their friendship. No, the will can not be set aside. 12. Flora can look at the way the trust has been managed by Art Casanelli. If he has used any of the trust like she suspects, he is in breach and is liable. 13. Of course not. If he could, that would give him more reason to murder! 14. Under the per capita, each child and each grandchild would get 1/4 because they would share it equally. Under the per stirpes, each child would get 1/3 and the two grandchildren would split one-third getting 1/6 each. 15. Craig would be the creator. White is the trustee and Helen is the beneficiary....
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BUSINESSLAW CHAPTER 52 - have?? 9. 10. The children could...

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