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mcdonalds case

mcdonalds case - •[Q3 Let’s assume that you are an...

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Brittney Acevedo McDonalds Case [Q1] Define the consumer problem. Explain the issue using the concept of “culture” and “ethnicity”. o The consumer wants a fast food restaurant that addresses their culture and makes the food that their ethnicity wants. o McDonalds in America can’t sell the same food in Asia because the people have different cultures and wouldn’t enjoy the food. [Q2] Describe 4P’s of McDonald. o Price- very cheap has products as low as a dollar o Product- depending where you are the food is different but traditionally McDonalds sells burgers and fries. o Placement- all the McDonalds restaurants o Promotion- ads in magazines and newspapers, commercials, and word of mouth
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Unformatted text preview: • [Q3] Let’s assume that you are an employee of Burger King. Now you are assigned to develop an advertising campaign for a specific ethnic group (e.g., Asian American, European American, Hispanic American, Jewish American, etc.). Choose one group whose culture you are familiar with and develop a story/synopsis for 1 minute “Thanksgiving” advertising program. o For the Asian American culture during Thanksgiving you would change the traditional turkey into Peking duck, since duck is a traditional autumnal poultry. As side dishes you can serve fried rice or pad Thai along with the stuffing. And on the dessert menu you can put on Sangkaya Fak Thong or Thai Pumpkin Custard....
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