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mkt case - (i.e 4P’s o Price $.15-$22.99 o Product they...

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Brittney Acevedo Shutterfly Case [Q1] ] What was the most important change in consumer behavior pattern for digital image-related companies? In other words, what was the consumer problem? o The consumer’s no longer find the need to convert their digital images into hard copies. o The cost of printing the images is one problem. o Convenience is also a problem since companies are making the sharing of digital images so much easier. [Q2] How did Shutterfly resolve their problem?
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Unformatted text preview: (i.e., 4P’s) o Price- $.15-$22.99 o Product- they doubled the number of holiday themed cards available on their website. o Promotion- the company provided a direct-mail service that addresses and sends its customers’ Christmas cards. o Placement- online • [Q3] Do you have any suggestion for Shutterfly to increase their future sales? o They should have the prints sent to a store near your home so you can pick up the prints an hour or two after you order them....
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