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Brittney Acevedo September 9, 2010 Marketing 11 Google Tool Article This Article from the New York Times discusses a new product by Google called Google Instant. Google Instant predicts what you are going to search for as you are typing and changes the results with every letter you type. This new product has a “psychic element” and is the “default way to search the web.” This new way to search has created a competition between advertisers. Advertisers have to buy words that make their site pop up on the top of the search list. Because people most likely wont type long searches anymore so the advertisers have to bid on more common terms. Google calculated that Google
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Unformatted text preview: Instant will save them about “11 hours a second.” “To make predictions Google relies on search trends, like words that are often searched, were recently popular or were searched nearby.” Google also filters for violence, hate and pornography so nothing offense comes into the search engine. Some of the marketing issues addressed are: 1) Competitive forces- Advertisers have to compete on the most common terms which cause a bidding war which increases prices. 2) Technological forces- The new technology that predicts what you are going to search not only saves time but also gives you results that are more useful....
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