man paper dec 9th

man paper dec 9th - Brittney Acevedo Professor Jalajas What...

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Brittney Acevedo Professor Jalajas What is controlling? Controlling is the process of monitoring, comparing, and correcting work performance. Why is controlling important? Planning can be done, an organizational structure can be created to facilitate efficient achievement of goals, and employees can be motivated through effective leadership. Controlling is also important because of employee empowerment. The final reason that managers control is to protect the organization and its assets. The control process is a three step process or measuring actual performance. The first step of the process is measuring performance. The next step is comparing actual and a standard. The third and final step is to take managerial action. Performance is the end result of an activity. Managers are concerned with organizational performance. Organizational performance is the accumulated results of an organization’s work activities. Productivity is the amount of goods or services produced divided by the inputs needed to generate that output. Organizational effectiveness is a measure of the appropriateness of organizational goals and how well those goals are being met. Managers can implement controls before an activity begins, during the time an activity is
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man paper dec 9th - Brittney Acevedo Professor Jalajas What...

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