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man paper feb 9th - Brittney Acevedo Diversity refers to...

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Brittney Acevedo Diversity refers to the ways in which people are similar or different from each other. It may be defined by any characteristic that varies within a particular work unit such as gender, race, age, education, tenure, or functional background. What is the business case for diversity? Having a diverse workforce and managing it effectively have the potential to bring about a number of benefits to organizations. An important potential benefit of having a diverse workforce is the ability to make higher quality decisions. In a diverse work team, people will have different opinions and perspectives. Companies doing a particularly bad job in diversity management face costly litigations. When an employee or a group of employees feel that the company is violating EEOC laws, they may file a complaint. The EEOC acts as a mediator between the company and the person, and the company may choose to settle the case outside the court. As a result of all these potential benefits, companies that manage diversity more effectively tend to outperform others. The similarity-attraction phenomenon may explain some of the potentially unfair treatment based on demographic traits. Demographic traits are part of what makes up surface-level diversity. Surface-level diversity includes traits that are highly visible to us and those around us, such as race, gender, and age. Researchers believe that people pay attention
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man paper feb 9th - Brittney Acevedo Diversity refers to...

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