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Brittney Acevedo Professor Valdez The most authoritative science is politics because it determines what sciences are necessary in states, and what kids should be studied, and how far they should be studied by each class of inhabitant. The masses and the cultured classes agree that to live well or to do well is the purpose of being a human. To live well is considered the same as to be happy. What happiness actually is made up of is arguable. Different people have different views on what happiness is. The masses believe happiness is pleasure, wealth, or honor. Philosophers believe that a men’s conception of the good or of the happiness may be read in the lives they lead. Happiness is a final end because it is always sought after and is always desired as an end and never as a means
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Unformatted text preview: to something else. Things such as honor, pleasure, intelligence, and every virtue we desire is desired for their own sake independently of what might result from them. Happiness is the supreme good. The function of man is to act rationally. One part of rationality is in the sense of being obedient to reason and the other part of rationality is in the sense of possessing and exercising reason and intelligence. The function of man then is activity of soul in accordance with reason. The activity of the soul is happiness so once again the main function of a human is to live well and to be happy....
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