Exam 1 BCIS 3610

Exam 1 BCIS 3610 - Exam #1 BCIS 3610 80 Questions All...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam #1 BCIS 3610 80 Questions All multiple choice each 2.5 points No true/false questions Important Concepts and Definitions on the following pages: 8 or 10 questions from Online Textbook and rest from Using MIS. First-Remember what IT professionals should have, the four skills-Chapters 1 Abstract Reasoning-the ability to make and manipulate models. Systems Thinking-how input and outputs relate to one another Collaboration developing a procedure or plan with others. Ability to experiment-test and creating procedures. PG. 6 abstracting reasoning and PG. 7 system thinking remember the definition of both Abstract Reasoning-is the ability to make and manipulate models. System Thinking-The mental process of making one or more models of the components of a system and connecting the inputs and outputs among those components into a sensible whole, on that explains the phenomenon observed. Remember the definition of IT-What is IT? What is the difference between IT and IS? PG. 18 Procedures are not part of IT. Information Technology-to the products, methods, inventions and standard that are used for the purpose of producing information. Information System-is an assembly of hardware, software, data, procedures, and people that produce information. What is Moores Law? Remember the number 18 months. The number of transistors per square inch doubles every 18 months. What are the characteristics of good information? PG. 16 PG. 17-Dont need to remember the definition just remember the three characteristics. Interchange is not a key characteristic of good information. Accurate Timely Relevant Sufficient Worth its Cost Chapter 2 Remember the three critical collaboration drivers include communication, PG. 32 Communication Content Management Workflow Control Communication PG. 38 synchronizes communication (face to face). Email is the most primitive communication method. Synchronize Communication- occurs when all team members meet at the same time, such as with conference calls or face to face meetings. Definition of Content Management PG. 33 Content Management- when multiple users are contributing and changing documents, schedules, task list, assignments, one users work might interfere with anothers. Users need to manage content so that such conflict does not occur. Pg. 44 Remember version management system or control....
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Exam 1 BCIS 3610 - Exam #1 BCIS 3610 80 Questions All...

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