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20 th Century When you look at our penitentiary system, it has made many changes over the years. Especially when you think, about the old west, times of how what they called criminals were treated and what they had to what they have now. I believe when the 20 th century came along there was a lot of reform that was good for the prisoners and the guards. I would have to say that two really big changes would be the rehabilitation of the prisoners, and the fact they decided to separate juveniles from the adults. When you first look at the rehabilitation process that we have that just keeps changing as more people look into the fact the people mess up and can change their ways. I have one rehabilitation process that really sticks to me that I believe is one of the best programs out. The program is taking shelter
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Unformatted text preview: animals that need rehabilitation themselves to get adopted and take them to a youth prison and teach these kids how to train the dogs and make them productive pets to be adopted back into society. I just believe that its teaching affection and some good life lessons for the kids as well as the animals. I believe when they made the choice to separate the juveniles from adults because I would have to believe that if the system had never changed in this fact that we really might not be able to even do rehabilitation since it would be just too hard to separate the good from the bad because the bad would be forcing and influencing the ones that could eventually turn good....
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