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Comparison summery The paper that I wrote was on elderly care while incarcerated. Then the paper that was sent to me to read was about woman in prison and the care pregnant woman. When I look at both of them they both want better health care and juts all around treatment for the inmates. When it comes down to a pregnant woman that is incarcerated I believe that she should be treated better and taken care of as well as on the outside. I would recommend that they would be put in a place that built for expecting mothers and away from the different diseases and harm to the baby. When the baby is born it should be with the family if
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Unformatted text preview: they can prove to take care of them and if not then they get taken care of by the state or foster parents till mother can get out and prove she can care for the child. Then when it comes to elderly people in prisons that there care they are just looking after themselves and all so pretty much we just have to make sure that they get treated for what wrong within the means of the prison system. That’s where I believe not only should our prisons and jails have different security levels but I also should be able to house different types of criminals so that there wouldn’t be a lot of mixing of different criminals....
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