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Fiction - misunderstood This might be a majority reason why...

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Fiction Millions of Americas are entertained by watching television. The latest crazy trend right now is the reality shows like Court, Judge Judy, Divorce Court just to name a few. Law and Order seems to portray the realness of a courtroom. First of all when Law and Order comes on there is a voice-over which states that these are the events that will eventually lead up to that person going to courtAs with a real court, there is no start of events that lead up to being in court. Reality-based court shows such as Divorce court, Judge Mathis and Judge Judy are dominating the television ratings every day. Since, most people watch court television, the judicial system is sometimes
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Unformatted text preview: misunderstood. This might be a majority reason why American having distorted beliefs about the laws, the trail process. The only major drawback to Law and Order is that all of the stories are fabricated. The show is in regards to portraying real-life cases it is missing one the thing the true facts. Law and Order, on the other hand, handles the situation differently. It utilizes the statistics to weave lavish tales that are undeniably fascinating and do put a light on pertinent issues like homicide, rape, and human trafficking. SVU's grim tales of rape and molestation are compelling....
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