Planning services for elderly inmates with mental illness

Planning services for elderly inmates with mental illness -...

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Planning services for elderly inmates with mental illness When going over this article its very interesting to see that there really isn’t much in place for inmates that have mental illness if they are in prison. The biggest part I believe is that when you have a lot of the population being elderly inmates that happen to get a mental illness it really isn’t ever taken care of. There has been a big increase in elderly inmates over the years especially since the 1979 and that is when a lot of the laws and rules that govern prisons were made. I would like to see the fact that our justice system changes along with the times. The article was
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Unformatted text preview: over the rise in elderly people in prisons since the life expectancy has risen over the many years so your inmates are in prison longer and getting illness that is not being taken care of. I believe that inmates do not need the amount of mental care or even medical care we get on the outside since they do not even get a bill it’s the taxpayers that pay. The article is good since it wants to set up systems for early detections and many other things so that when the prisoners start having problems can be corrected properly. References Cox, Judith F. (2010) Planning services for elderly inmates with mental illness...
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