Prisoner Rights - 2011 s oner s Right Owen Thomas 3/13/2011...

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soners Rights 2011 Owen Thomas University of Phoenix 3/13/2011
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P r i s o n e r s R i g h t s | 2 When you look at prisoner rights, they are put in place to keep prisons from being treated inhuman. When an inmate is in prison they just need their basic human rights so that they are treated fair even though most that are in that position have violated some part of society with total disregard to whoever else. Within this paper I am going to outline the evolution of the prisoners’ rights. When it comes to the prisoners’ right they are really only important to the prisoners since its them who it protects. When you look at the 8 th amendment you can see that it recognizes the first legal showing for where it declares the act of cruel and unusual punishment unconstitutional. When it really comes down to it the inmates have a right to be free from any type of inhuman conditions since that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. You also have in the 8 th amendment to the bill of rights also contains the provision: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments imposed.” For almost two centuries, the cruel and unusual punishments clause had no application to
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Prisoner Rights - 2011 s oner s Right Owen Thomas 3/13/2011...

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