Probation - Probation Looking into probation is a very...

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Probation Looking into probation is a very interesting as we turn back the pages of time. Throughout the many years that we have had probation, it has evolved with the human race. One of the main reasons for probation is for your lower offenders from mixing in jail or prison with hardcore criminals. When a judge rules for a person to receive probation rather than jail time the judge is giving the person a second change to change since with probation normally comes with community service, fines, and whatever fits the case. While a person is on probation, they have to report to their probation officers periodically for certain things such as drug test. The initial start of probation some say starts with a man named John Augustus. This man was just an average boot maker in Boston. John Augustus talked to a judge in 1841 and convinced him to allow a man that has been a convicted offender stay in his home so that he could rehabilitate the man. The man that Mr. Augustus took into his place was a local drunk and when he took this man in, he showed him a different life away from alcohol. From what I have gathered from the reading of this article the man was changed and became a good citizen. When probation started, the judges used a “release on recognizance” or they could place the offenders on bail, which in turn would have no further legal actions taken. All of the years leading up to the 19 th century there were many courts using a form of judicial pardon to suspend sentence, which in turn raised tons of legal questions. It was not until 1916 that the
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Probation - Probation Looking into probation is a very...

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