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rehabilitation - intern it really sets them up for frailer...

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UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Rehabilitation Explain the difference between the conventional forms of rehabilitation programs and the newer programs of today. Owen Thomas 3/18/2011
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When looking throughout the years rehabilitation is just spoken and throughout that time, some things were done. When you look at the methods of which they are done the first part of rehabilitation was more of a punishment since some inmates went through a lot of pain and suffering for the for the most part. When I look at how its evolved to better standards and more to actually helping the inmates is close to how we were raised as people throughout time. Old days kids where scorned punished with lots of hard labor beaten and numerous other things to now kids have so many right and are allowed to do a lot more that they are getting in more trouble since when given more freedom comes responsibility that they are not ready for. So
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Unformatted text preview: intern it really sets them up for frailer and lots of emotional problems. When it comes to the inmates, they are mostly like dealing with more intelligent children in some instances where every case has to be handled different. I would have to say that when you do blanket punishment it works in some cases but makes other worse so it’s all done by a majority. So we as humans will group everyone together and do whatever fits the most people and not give care to others. That’s why I believe our system needs to take the time with the people and learn them and fix what can and let the others move on to other places that are for people that refuse to change since anyone can change if they really want to and have good support. I would have to say the biggest difference between then and now is just we have not punished as hard and given more rights to inmates....
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rehabilitation - intern it really sets them up for frailer...

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