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Social Aspects of Prison

Social Aspects of Prison - because they blame where and how...

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Social Aspects of Prison When you stand back and look at all the people in prison and how they socialize with each other its sort of like them being on the outside living in the project housing areas. There are a mix of people between race, religion, and many other differences. When someone is sentenced to prison, they have to affiliate themselves with the gangs and many other groups in prison just to survive. Prisons really are not an easy place to spend time but on the other hand, there are tons of things and free time for prisoners that I believe allows them to get in trouble. You do from time to time get educated people in prison but the average prisoners really do not have an education
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Unformatted text preview: because they blame where and how they were raised. There are just so many different ways for prisoners to communicate since there are different languages and even slang that is used to communicate back and forth that allow them to commit their violence in prisons. I believe that when it comes down to people that will never be released into society should all be located in one place away from prisoners trying to be rehabilitated since there are influences that prevent some from becoming fully rehabilitated into society. The prison system is really a hard decision to make since there are criminals that work the system and then there are those that really need the system to help them....
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