Thomas_CP_week3 - with First-borns, middle children,...

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Sociological Theories Response When looking at the social structure theories you can look at that most of the theory states that this problem comes from disadvantaged economic class that is the cause of the crime. This theory actually states that your lower income class causes forces of strain, a lot of frustration, followed by disorganization. There is a program called fight crime that I believe to fit this theory to help prevent juvenile crime. They many different forms of police chiefs, sheriffs, police officers, and they even have victims that are trying in many different ways to try to educate the public. The next theory would be the social process theory. You will notice that this theories view is that criminality is a function of human interactions with many different variants in society. When you look at all of the variants in this you can see where they have done study’s
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Unformatted text preview: with First-borns, middle children, parenting styles, youngest kids, abuse, and I can keep going on. I have looked in my state and seen that TN offers all kinds of different summer camps to fit kids problems to be able to help them. I would have to say that the pretty much every state has things set aside to help kids. The Next theory is social conflict theory, which pretty much covers the fact that the wealthy use what they have to make the poor do whatever they want. Which is very interesting since you can see this in society every day where you lower class is exploited constantly. I would have to say one way that you can see how America itself has tried to help against this they created the union, which stands in for the people to battle the company owners. Which is a really big thing for a lot of people to have the protection of the union on there side....
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Thomas_CP_week3 - with First-borns, middle children,...

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