Lectures 51 - Lectures 51 Gene- A DNA Sequence that...

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Lectures 51 Gene- A DNA Sequence that contains information encoding specifying the synthesis of polypeptide chain or a functional RNA Gene Expression o Regulated Steps affecting protein levels Rate of Transcription Constitutive Regulated RNA Processing Rate of mRNA turnover Rate of Translation Posttranslational modification Cellular targeting Rate of Protein turnover Transcription and Translation o Prokaryotes: transcription is transiently linked to translation molecules By RNA molecules o Eukaryotes: Transcription is segregated from translation by the nuclear membrane RNA processing is much more complex Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) o Linear Single stranded polynucleotide chain Sequence read 5’ to 3’ Uracil Intramolecular base pairing yields secondary and tertiary structure o Transcription—The process of DNA template-dependent RNA synthesis Enzyme- RNA Polymerase o Storage and transmission of information o Catalytic activity Classes of RNA in the Cell o mRNA—encodes the amino acid sequence for a protein Upstream 5’ 3’ Downstream o tRNA—read information in an mRNA and transfer an amino acid to the nascent (growing) protein o rRNA—components of a ribosome, the enzyme that catalyzes protein synthesis o hnRNA—Hetergenous Nuclear RNA. The mixture of partially processed RNA molecules in the nucleus o snRNA—Small nuclear. Components of the spliceosome, the enzyme that catalyzes removal of introns o miRNA and siRNA—Block protein synthesis and mediate mRNA
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Lectures 51 - Lectures 51 Gene- A DNA Sequence that...

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