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Chemistry 2A Laboratory Information & Schedule Students must read the laboratory experiment, complete the pre-laboratory assignment, and complete the online pre-laboratory quiz at least 1 hour before coming to class. If you have any questions about the experiment to be performed, be prepared to ask your TA during your pre-lab introduction. All experimental data and observations will be taken directly into the laboratory notebook. Your TA must initial these entries each day before leaving the laboratory. A student must complete all labs and submit a laboratory report for all of the assigned laboratory work in order to pass the course. All laboratory work (including the online post-labs) must be submitted before the next normally scheduled laboratory meeting or at the time indicated by the teaching assistant. A laboratory report consists of: Title, Purpose, Procedure, Data Tables These constitute the prelab and must be prepared prior to coming to lab. Blank data tables should be made before lab. The prelab quiz must be completed online at least 1 hour before coming to lab.
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