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2ASyllWin11 - Chemistry 2A Fall 2011 M,W,F 8:00-8:50 am...

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Chemistry 2A, Fall 2011 M,W,F 8:00-8:50 am Chem 194 Instructor: Dr. S. Lievens Office: 3313 Earth and Physical Sciences Phone: (530)-752-7630 Email: ([email protected]) Please contact the head TA with questions regarding enrollment. Please contact your TA with questions about discussion, labs, online lab material, and TA office hours. Website: https://smartsite.ucdavis.edu Office hours: Mon. 9:30-10:30 am and Wed. 11 am -12 pm or by appointment. Head TA: Faye Bowles ([email protected]) Required Texts: General Chemistry - Principles and Modern Appl., 10 h Ed. (UCD) , Petrucci, Herring, Madura, Bissonnette Chemistry 2A Laboratory Manual , Department of Chemistry, UCD, (UCD Bookstore) Approved safety goggles Laboratory Notebook with carbon pages Scientific Calculator (programmable calculators must be cleared by your TA during examinations) Optional Texts: Student Solutions Manual for the text by Gelmini, Hilts, and Wismer. Student Study Guide. Scope: CHE002A General Chemistry (5) Lecture--3 hours; laboratory/discussion- -4 hours. Periodic table, stoichiometry, chemical equations, physical properties and kinetic theory of gases, atomic and molecular structure and chemical bonding. Laboratory experiments in stoichiometric relations, properties and collection of gases, atomic spectroscopy, and introdctory quantitative analysis. GE credit: SciEng. Prerequisites: High school chemistry and physics strongly recommended; satisfactory score on diagnositc examinations. Fees: Chemistry 2A has a Course Material Fee of $40. Student Accounting will bill you for this sometime after the drop-date. Exams and Grading: Dates Approximate material Weight Midterm 1 – Fri. Jan 28 th Chapters 1-5 22% Midterm 2 – Fri. Feb. 25 th Chapters 5-8 22% Final – Thurs. Mar. 17 th 8-10 am Chapter 1-10 36% Laboratory Assignments 1 – 8 10%. Mastering Chemistry Online Problem Sets (TBA) 10% TOTAL 100%
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Mastering Chemistry: Online Problem Sets from Mastering Chemistry will be assigned throughout the quarter. Our course ID is MCLIEVENS23601 and the course title is Chemistry 2A. Grading Policy: Course grading will be determined by the absolute quality of work. There is no preset quota for any letter grades. It is possible for everyone to get an A. All laboratory and discussions must be attended and all assignments turned in in order to get a passing grade in the course.
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