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Vu Nguyen Eng-003-15 7 March 2011 Paper 3 Word Count: When looking back at a past experience, one may analyze it through a different perspective. One may explain the bad experience under a representation of a demoting thing or person. On the other hand, one will explain the good experience under a representation of a higher status thing, person, or even oneself. In the speech “He and his Man,” Coetzee’s explicit explanation of the tale of ducks traveling to Lincolnshire helps deeply interpret John’s battling and miserable experiences in Youth . In the speech, Coetzee uses different subjects with differing characteristics to mirror the subjects of the reality experience. In the beginning of the speech, Coetzee introduces two subjects, the ducks and the men of the fen, the fen-men. Coetzee further explains the that “fens are home to many other birds” and the fen-men “raise tame ducks, called decoy ducks or duckoys.” Then when comparing the power and the position of the two subjects on the food chain, it delivers the message that one subject, the ducks, is greatly inferior to the other subject, the fen-men. Coetzee decides to use the ducks to represent the main subject of the story to imply the importance of the duck’s characteristics to the John’s characteristics and experience in Youth . The ducks hold several characteristics such as the following: wanderers in traveling from one place to another and not having a specific home, animals at the bottom of the food chain eating small meals such as insects or variety of plants, and gullible animals in being hunted and captured. The representation of the duck in the story help constructs an deeper interpretation and emphasis that John holds similar “duck” qualities, such that he is not
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only a confused poet trying to achieve his dream, rather he is also the frugal person eating the minimum food, the person who feels isolated and lonely because of he is from South Africa, and a wanderer because of his inability in finding a permanent home. Furthermore, when Coetzee describes the fen-men as the men who tame ducks, Coetzee
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duckoys - Vu Nguyen Eng-003-15 7 March 2011 Paper 3 Word...

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