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Name Term Angal, Sarthak Pyrrhic, Scansion Baldwin, Dylan Iamb, End Rhyme Bell, Lauren Trochee, Eye Rhyme Dandona, Gunitika Spondee, Symbol Diaz, Brenda Anapest, Connotation Ghuman, Apar Consonance, Clown Gould, Lauren Scansion, Peripeteia Hall, Megan Assonance, Stock Character Hernandez, Ariana Caesura, Unreliable Narrator Hosseini-Bidokhti, Eman Slant Rhyme, Oxymoron Johnson, April Antithesis, Alliteration Joseph, Justin Elegy, Parallelism Kasusky-Salazar, Hazel English Sonnet, Elision Kelly-Gonzales, Debrah Pastoral, Anaphora Kim, Hyunsoo Metaphor, Aside Kurosaka, Jeffrey Simile, Deus ex Machina Lee, Rosa Italian Sonnet, Pastiche Lew, Melissa In Media Res, Sestina Muenter, Catherine Soliloquy, Free Verse Nguyen, Vu Foil, Blank Verse Ring-Walters, Michelle Parable/Allegory, Heroic Couplet Santos, Elisa Motif, Couplet Villeda, Eva Tetrameter, Stanza Wen, Joanie Pentameter, Refrain Yun, Joanne Hexameter, Villanelle Sham, Jacques Enjambment, End Rhyme LITERARY TERMINOLOGY
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Unformatted text preview: In order to build a “toolbox” for writing about literature, we will be discussing a variety of terms that allow us to describe the specific operations of poetry, drama, and fiction. I will be using these terms and will expect you to become comfortable using them for your in-class writing, essays, and exams. By the start week of week three, be prepared to define the two literary terms listed below aloud for the class. Definitions for these terms are included in your course reader. While everyone will be expected to use these terms, you can consider yourself the “owner” of this term and should feel free to point examples out during class discussions throughout the quarter. Even if you’re not sure how or whether the term (e.g., foil, soliloquy) is operating in a text, point it out to the class and ask for help in determining its role in that day’s reading!...
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