Grading Standards for UC Davis Papers

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The A paper The B paper The C paper The D paper The F paper Ideas Excels in responding to assignment. A solid paper, responding Adequate but weaker and less Does not have a clear central Does not respond to Interesting, demonstrates appropriately to assignment. effective, possibly responding idea or does not respond assignment, lacks a thesis or sophistication of thought. Central Has clearly stated thesis or less well to assignment. Presents appropriately to the central idea, and may neglect idea/thesis is clearly communicated, idea, but may have minor central idea in general terms often assignment. Thesis may be to use sources where worth developing; limited enough lapses in development. depending on platitudes or too vague or obvious to be necessary. to be manageable. Paper Begins to acknowledge the cliches. Usually does not developed effectively. Paper recognizes some complexity complexity of central idea and acknowledge other views. Shows may misunderstand sources. of its thesis: may acknowledge its the possibility of other points basic comprehension of sources, contradictions, qualifications, of view. Shows careful perhaps with some lapses in or limits and follow out their logical reading of sources, but may understanding. If it defines terms, implications. Understands and
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