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rough draft essay 3 - Vu Nguyen 2 March 2011 Essay#3 Rough...

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Unformatted text preview: Vu Nguyen 2 March 2011 Essay #3 Rough Draft Hitting the age twenty-one, you feel great freedom and choice in your life. Although you sit ther, debating about the choices and opportunities that lay in front of you, complications and reality starts to become scary. In the escaping novel Youth by J.M. Coetzee, the narrartor positition himself between the battles of balancing his ideal poetic life of being in a romatic love relationship and the aspirartion life of fame as a poet. The narrarator draws back and fourth between his peer’s, famous precendent poets before him, life and live by them. In doing so, the narrarator shifts himself into a position of failure and misery. Separtating from his home country, South Africa, to settle in London and ---, the narrarator felt deprived and wanted to achieve his aspirartions and moreover, himself. Moving the the new city of London, he mastered textbooks and claims to be intelligent and brialliant with mathemeatics, where he earns a math degree. Although while earning well payed job at a computer company IBM, the narrartor comtimplates himself and his belonging in the world. “through debates….through conclusions….he has finally decided..”(pg. --) that he wants to write poetry. Although he lacks the skills in writing poetry he continues on and looks upon his peers who are the famous poets before him. He becomes so caught up to mirror his modeled poet that he becomes lost with himself. In the end of his mission of completing and modeling poets of the past, he becomes miserable and wants to look for the love in his life. When looking for a women, he tries to limit himself to the best looking ones, avoiding the ugly and not giving them a chance....
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rough draft essay 3 - Vu Nguyen 2 March 2011 Essay#3 Rough...

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