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Vu Nguyen English-03-15 10 February 2011 Rough Draft Essay #2 Word Count: 1656 Life consists of different perspectives, philosophies, and religion. Life could be seen in different perspectives through distinct lenses. This aspect of life could be used to connect with reading and analyzing a story, novel or even a sonnet. In Sonnet 77 written by Mary Wroth, several complex ideas and intricate syntax illustrate an image of a lost character in a puzzling labyrinth to deliver a confusing yet meaningful purpose to the audience. As the sonnet constructs the images through complex idea and perplexing syntax and confuses readers, analyzing and connecting the text through the lens of the myth: Theseus and the Minotaur, a discovery of a hidden and developing theme of the sonnet could be made. As Wroth begins the sonnet, she describes and easily gives away the setting and perspective of poem. Wroth describes the setting to be a “strange labyrinth” and describes the character to be confused in direction. As Wroth continues the sonnet, she uses complex and developing syntax to construct a mimicking idea of the idea of a labyrinth. She does so by arranging the words in a way in questioning a character perspective in an actual labyrinth. As she arranges these words in such a complex syntax, she repeatedly emphasizes the pauses in sounds of poetry by using caesura and breaking lines through commas, semicolons and periods. This use of caesura allows the readers to continuously pause and stop throughout the poem. From these strategies of painting an image of a labyrinth and stopping and pausing throughout the sonnet, what is Wroth trying to imply to her confused readers? Constructed with complex syntax and imagery, the sonnet confuses and hinders readers to grasp the overall purpose and defining theme. However, readers could use a powerful strategy of analyzing through another textual lens through contextualizing the myth: Theseus and the Minotaur. Through the lens of the myth: Theseus and the Minotaur, the hidden understandings and definition of the first line in the sonnet exposes. When analyzing the first line through the myth: Theseus and the Minotaur, the information given away about the setting pertaining to a “strange labyrinth” enable readers to connect and make references to the myth, which guides and exposes the reader
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with a greater understanding of Wroth’s complex ideas and greater purposes. Furthermore, when Wroth’s repeats and emphasizes the strategy of caesura throughout
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Vu Nguyen - Vu Nguyen English-03-15 10 February 2011 Rough...

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