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Vu Nguyen3 - expereimenting himself through several...

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Vu Nguyen Eng-003-15 7 March 2011 Paper 3 To persue and achieve a goal, one must start by taking one small step at a time. In taking the first steps, sacrifices are made and life is felt to be in the hands of surrounding people. As trouble arises, one begins to fight internally with in the journey to achieve their “destined” goal. In the novel“Youth,” written by J.M. Coetzee, the narrarator’s relationship between romantic love and the fame he aspires gradually molds himself into a position which he is lost and battles internally to find his inspiration to overcome the exception of a perfect relaionship in order to become a poet. to become a poet. In
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Unformatted text preview: expereimenting himself through several romantic relationships to find the perfect relationship to inspire his motive to become a poet, the narrarator takes the position of being lost and blindly tunring to relaionships of dispair, loneliness, suffering and “perfect” love to achieve that inspiration Hope of perfection – hoesp to eprfecetion Position: lost searching for a relationship to overcome the exception of a perfect relationship to become a poet. Lost- searches for relationships in several girls directs the narrarator’s relationship regarding between romatic love and the fame he aspires, he takes the position of internally battling the...
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