AAS 12 - Syllabus Winter 2011

AAS 12 - Syllabus Winter 2011 - AAS 12 Introduction to...

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1 AAS 12: Introduction to African Studies Winter Quarter, 2011 Lecture: MW 10.00 – 11.50 a.m. Location: Wellman 216 Instructor: Dr. Wale Adebanwi Office: 2225 Hart Hall Office Hours: Wed. 4-6 pm (or by appointment) Email: [email protected] TA : Aliou Ly Email : [email protected] Course Description: This course provides a firm foundation and conceptual framework for the academic study of Africa and its peoples. It is an interdisciplinary approach that integrates African geography, history, politics, economy, social structure and culture. Emphasis will be placed on the Indigenous, Western and Islamic heritages in order to better understand the modern African experience. Some audio-visual materials will be used to enhance the understanding of the subject-matter. The course will also help in familiarizing the students with the methods and resources for the study of ancient and contemporary Africa. Objectives: By the end of this course students would be able to: identify clearly the salient political, economic and socio-cultural issues in Africa; describe, with a measure of familiarity, how Africa’s past is linked to her present conditions; define the key concepts and perspectives used to explain the African condition; and compare and contrast the African reality with global patterns. Course Requirements: - Regular attendance is absolutely mandatory. If you miss more than two classes, you lose the 10 points for class attendance. - Do not hesitate to come forward to discuss whatever challenges you may encounter in the course of this class, and kindly do so before it is too late. I will do whatever is legally permissible and reasonable in the specific circumstances to assist you. - If you have a condition that requires special attention, please inform me as soon as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken. Evidence in form of supporting documentation may be required. Individual exceptions necessitated by religious obligations may also be entertained if I am
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AAS 12 - Syllabus Winter 2011 - AAS 12 Introduction to...

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