Politics in Africa

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politics in Africa  18:05 Politics of Africa       Decolinization and the transfer of power Decoloniation Self-governemnt between 1945 and 1965 Transfer of Power Bwterrn 1950-1960s The question of power Inclusion and exclusion 2 models     Peaceful Progress Ghana Nigeria Tazania Senegal Uganda, etc Violent Progress Eg Kenya vs britis Algeria vs French; zibabwe vs Rhodesian whites; Namibia  vs SA. Whites; mozambieuiq/angola/guinea-bissau porugese; south Africa vs  rasist regime Centralization of Power     Form of political architecture
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Decentralizaiotn(federation,consideration) or centralization (unitary system) Dominant elites favored centralization of power o 1) national unity and economic development o 2) colonial legacy; o 3) foreign development consultant emphasized it o 4)Possible solution to challenge Challenges of Political Party Formation Consequences of colonial polices o Medium challenge of how to create a club or policy Regionalism and Seperatiotism o Most country outlawed parties, but best way to fight against ethnic parties;  only way to ensure ways based by religions by creating such regionalism  and sepretatiosm National/Regional/Ethnic and reliogius parties Few ideological parties o Discourage by colonial Power;  Background to Personaiist Rule ( The power of following countries French king ; queen Britain ) Nero Patrimonialism/clientelism “ (state) Organization in which relationships of a broadly partrominial type 
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Politics in Africa - politicsinAfrica oliticsofAfrica P...

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