Quiz1_MATH302 - MATH302 Quiz#1 Name: _ Chapters 1 -3 This...

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Chapters 1 -3 Name: __________________________ This is an open-book and open note graded exercise. You may use your textbook, notes, your computer and a calculator in completing this quiz. However, you are not to consult with anyone while you complete this quiz. Absolutely no collaboration is permitted on this quiz. This examination consists of this cover sheet and 6 consecutively numbered pages. There are 20 questions. Each question on this exam has the same weight—one point—and this examination will count as 10% of your final grade for the course. 1. If a variable has possible values –2, 6, and 17, then this variable is A) both a continuous and a discrete variable B) a continuous variable C) neither a continuous nor a discrete variable D) a discrete variable 2. Which of the following correctly describes the relationship between a sample and a population? A) A population and a sample are not related. B) A sample is a group of subjects selected from a population to be studied. C) A sample is a group of populations that are subject to observation. D) A population is a group of samples that may or may not be included in a study 3. What is the term for a characteristic or attribute that can assume different values? A) exponent B) datum C) sample D) variable 4. If you classified the fruit in a basket as apple, orange, or banana, this would be an example of which level of measurement? A) ordinal
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Quiz1_MATH302 - MATH302 Quiz#1 Name: _ Chapters 1 -3 This...

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