final exam! - POLS 2311: FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET 1. Census...

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POLS 2311: FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET 1. Census count and reapportionmenta r.n.of electoral votes h.many seats in the 435 100 senate 2. U.S. Congress committee types Difference between join commite and an conference comitte 3. Concentric circles of representation Diff between what does the mayority wants (categorize people they are talking or helping) DIFFERENT TYPES of mayority and minority e.g gender. 4. Theories of representation 5. Vote-trading in the U.S. Congress History about the guy ta&m 6. Constitutional Articles concerning the president Art.2 which is including in the article 2 listed on the slides each have linked to website 7. Cloture in the U.S. Congress End the filibuster vote that end the debate (need a certain votes 60 ) 8. Constitutional Amendments concerning the president Term limits apoit in time got more term limits (is basicall the amendmnts ) 1220222325 9. Amendments in the U.S. Constitution related to the president 10. Presidential powers vested in the U.S. Constitution Have the apointment house power , convene congress, veto, comander in chief of the us military, pardon responsibility (no line out oof veto) 11. Hierarchical structure of the U.S. executive branch President, oval offfice, rest of the with house staff, eop, members of the cabinet wider bureocracy, dpt and agencies, street level bureocracy 12. The line of succession for the president Bottom dpt of education, (remember first four) 4 secretary of state, …
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final exam! - POLS 2311: FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET 1. Census...

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