StudyGuide1 - PHOTO ID REQUIRED! Midterm 1 30-35 multiple...

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1 Midterm 1 • 30-35 multiple choice questions. • About material covered in lectures. • Study: –N o t e s . – Weekly review questions. – Study guide – will post on Friday. – Parts of textbook that I talked about in class. – (sample questions on course web site… briefly) • Closed book, closed notes. • No calculators or cell phones. • Office hours (BPS room 3270): – Mon 12:45-2:00 – Tue 3:00-4:00 – Or by appointment PHOTO ID REQUIRED! SIT IN YOUR ASSIGNED ROW! A seating chart will be displayed on the screen. Midterm 1 study guide – page 1 Exam will cover everything that was in the lectures, not just what is in this study guide. The lectures covered: Units, etc used in astronomy; relative size scales. History of astronomy from ancient Greeks until mid-1800’s. – What did the ancient Greeks have right? What did they have wrong? – How we went from geocentric (Earth at center) models to heliocentric (Sun at center) models of Solar System. – Ptolemy’s system – epicycles, etc. Why were these complications needed? – Retrograde motion. – Copernican revolution. – Galileo's observations. The nature of science. How things move – Kepler’s 3 laws – Newton’s 3 laws + law of gravity – Conservation of energy, angular momentum • “Conservation” means that these quantities stay constant unless something is done to the system from the outside. .
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StudyGuide1 - PHOTO ID REQUIRED! Midterm 1 30-35 multiple...

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