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Sam Hanson English 102 03/02/2011 Beginnings  When I was looking over the Articles again one connection I found was between  Pinker's article  and Hofstadter's article.  In one paragraph of Pinker's article he talks  about how complex robots and computer's are but the average human doesn't see these  things they only see a computer, but really they are a bunch off different objects that make  this computer function.  In Hofstadter's article he also talks about how complex computer's  are but in a different way.  Hofstadter talks about how computer's have to keep changing 
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Unformatted text preview: in order to be competitive with other markets. For example cellphones, we don't need to be able to serf the web or watch movies from our cellphones, all we need to be able to do is call people. That is why people invented cellphones. Im not complaining about all of the cool stuff you can do or watch on your cellphones. I just think people are taking advantage of it and don't realize they don't need all this stuff on their cellphones....
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