assignment 1 - Your attendance policy also concerns me, I...

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Hanson 1 Sam Hanson English 101 Paul DK 9/2/2010 A Start to a New Beginning When I first read the goals and outcomes of english 101 I knew this wasn't about to be my favorite class. English has never been my strong point in school, and I honestly can say I don't enjoy it at all. Ever since I ended high school I couldn't wait till I never had to take a English class again, but sadly I have one year to go. After reading the goals and outcomes I knew I was in trouble when I could hardly understand what they were talking about. I understand this is a college class but do they have to make the text so plan and boring. The goals of the class are to long first of all, they have all this information about how to pass the class and I cant even understand what they want. Second of all the goals and outcomes easily could have been summarized into smaller context.
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Unformatted text preview: Your attendance policy also concerns me, I don't believe there should be no excused absences. I understand that if you are absent from class for more than four class's you will be dropped, but if you are sick one day and don't show up for class because of it I don't believe you should have to use one of your absences. Last of all I would like to talk about what I would like to get out of taking english 101. I believe by taking this class will help me more than any english class I have taking in the past. I believe this because in all those other english class's I took in the past, I didn't have something I have now, and that is a teacher I actually like and determination to work hard and try enjoy and English class for once . Hanson 1...
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assignment 1 - Your attendance policy also concerns me, I...

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