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assignment 6 - wrong information and make people believe...

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Hanson 1 Sam Hanson English 101 Paul DK 10/11/10 Can't Always Believe What You Read After Reading “Being There” by Lee Siegel the first thing I realized was how it was  written.    The article was written the the form of a blog.  At first I didn't like reading this article  because it was hard for me to keep focus, but after some time reading I got used to it. The  next thing I noticed about  Siegel's  writing was how he gives examples and background  information on all the topics he introduces. The World Wide Web is full of people that fake their identity’s to make them seem like  professional bloggers, but the truth about those bloggers is they are just out here to give 
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Unformatted text preview: wrong information and make people believe what they say. In Siegel's essay he said, “You don't have to possess a perceptive, synthesizing, verbally nimble mind to be a journalist; all you have to do is present yourself as a journalist and insist-on your blog, for example-that you are doing journalism”, and this is why most people that believe they journalists aren’t Hanson 1 respected in the blogging community because they have no background information to support them...
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