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Sam Hanson English 102-092 02/09/11 Standard Equipment Response When I was reading Steven Pinker article “Standard Equipment” the section that caught my attention was when he said, “ This book is not about robots; its about the human mind.” He then goes on explaining the basic functions of the human mind and why we these functions are necessary for everyday living. I believe that the human mind is a very complex system that will never be fully figured out. Pg 4/Paragraph 1- Reason. Pg 6/Paragraph 2 - First, Pg 11/Paragraph 1-
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Unformatted text preview: But The reason there are no humanlike robots is not that the very idea of a mechanical mind is misguided. (Pg.4) This word help you understand that there is a reason for why we can't make robots human like. First, a visual system must locate where an object ends and the backdrop begins.(Pg.6) this is a transition to a new paragraph. But legs come with a high price; the software to control them. A wheel merely by turning, changes its point of support gradually and can bear weight the whole time....
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