PSY 143 Syllabus

PSY 143 Syllabus - 1 Psychology 143/249 Daphne...

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Psychology 143/249 Winter, 2011 Daphne Bugental ([email protected]) Human Relationships: Contemporary Social Issues across the Life Course: A Bio-social-cognitive approach Class time: Wednesday 3:00 –5:50 P.M. Psychology-East, Room 3834 Readings and ppt slides: PDFs of readings will be emailed to class members one week in advance of relevant class; ppt slides will be emailed after each class. Course Overview This course is concerned with the ways in which humans interact with their social and physical environment across the life course. The focus will be on the influences of biological processes on the “design” of such relations, and the influences of life experiences on social cognitions and the developing brain. The contributions offered by social development, social cognition, developmental neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology are considered as an integrative process. The course will follow a presentation/discussion format. In advance of each class, students are asked to email one or two questions or thoughts about the assigned readings to the instructor ([email protected] ). Questions will then be addressed during
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PSY 143 Syllabus - 1 Psychology 143/249 Daphne...

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