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Unformatted text preview: A global company wants to motivate their workers to work their hardest on a project. They should: a) Tell interdependent individuals that they will be working with their ingroup** b) Tell independent individuals that they will be working with their ingroup c) Tell interdependent individuals that they will be working alone d) Tell all the workers they will be working with outgroup members According to Nisbett, ancient mercantile Greeks and modern day Westerners that follow a more linear way of thinking: a) Feel more discomfort with the contradiction in cognitive dissonance** b) Acquire empathy in theory of mind at an earlier age c) Learn verbs more quickly than nouns as infants d) Use imperative ­based analytic reasoning more Dynamic social impact theory can explain why a) cultural norms for manners have changed over time. b) Totem Park residents have more conservative political attitudes than residents of Gage.** c) Pizarro and a small band of Spanish soldiers conquered the much larger Incan empire. d) cultural evolution can occur much faster than biological evolution. A psychological process which is in principle available in all cultures but is used to solve different problems across cultures would be classified as a(n) a) non ­universal b) accessibility universal c) existential universal** d) functional universal The Russian cultural ­historical school emphasized that a) mind and cultural are mutually constituted. b) culture is personality writ large. c) the mind has a universal layer and a culturally ­specific layer. d) people interact with their environments via culturally ­acquired tools.** Sample Questions ...
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