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Axia College Material Appendix D Psychotherapy Matrix Directions: Review Module 36 of Psychology and Your Life . Select three approaches to summarize. Include examples of the types of psychological disorders appropriate for each therapy. PSY/201 {Insert type of therapy approach} {Insert type of therapy approach} {Insert type of therapy approach} Summary of Approach Psychoanalysis Approach is to release hidden and  unconscious thoughts and feelings in  order to reduce there power in  controlling behavior. Patients may meet with a therapist very  frequently, the example stated up to 50  minutes per session, and up to six 
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Unformatted text preview: sessions a week Free Assosiation, this is where a patient says aloud whatever comes to there mind, not worrying about whether it is relevant or not. Disorders appropriate for this therapy Behavioral treatment Where an action is rewarded or punished. Aversive Conditioning. This is where a behavior is paired with an aversive or unpleasant outcome, due to the behavior. Systematic Desensitization, this is where a person is exposed to an anxious producing stimuli, paired with a relaxation technique....
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