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Dorfman Pacific ConsultantWK8

Dorfman Pacific ConsultantWK8 - items that are mixed...

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Dorfman Pacific Consultant The problem Dorfman was trying to run an organization with not just an out dated system, but with one that was really never efficient. Using paper tickets and manually labeled containers makes speed a major factor in high labor cost. It takes too much time to find and fulfill an order. They were required to bring in more employee’s and work current employees overtime, trying to compensate for slow work processes. Some alternative solutions to these problems are labeling containers with barcodes. Placing one item type to each container, eliminating confusion and the need to search for
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Unformatted text preview: items that are mixed together eases the process and increases completion time for orders. Placing wireless scanners on the employees allows them to quickly find and inventory items for each order. To implement I would first start by labeling the containers with barcodes, and ensuring that each container only has the item named inside. Then programming the item to the barcode. I would then run a training class informing the permanent employees how to use there scanners, and how to make there time management and order fulfillment excel....
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