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Capstone CheckpointWK9 - Capstone Checkpoint All of the...

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Capstone Checkpoint All of the information I have received throughout this course has really opened my eyes. I was raised racist. My grandfather was a member of the KKK, which entered me into the world with way to many preconceived notions about race. These beliefs created a hard environment to be open in, to grow up with the world talking about equal rights, and peace, and looking past a person’s skin color was really not ok in my childhood. As I became an adult and realized how prejudgmental my family was, and how unfair and unjust this type of raising was, I realized that race is a culture, a belief that a person should be respected for, not prejudge, not discriminated against, but a growing experience. This course has opened my eyes even more, through the research I did to complete assignments, I learned more about what other races had to endure to be recognized, and be free. In America, we are taught that it is a free country, where a person can be an individual, and follow there beliefs, culture, and change in open,
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