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UC Davis 1 Hussain Al-Asaad U NIVERSITY OF C ALIFORNIA —D AVIS D EPARTMENT OF E LECTRICAL OMPUTER E NGINEERING EEC180A — D IGITAL S YSTEMS I Spring 20 10 P RACTICE P ROBLEMS — S ET 3 1. Problem 7.10 from the textbook, page 349. Assume that the reset signal is active high. In other words, if reset =1 then the counter goes to state 000010. 2. Design a counter that counts in the following sequence: 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, and
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Unformatted text preview: repeat. Use JK flip-flops in your implementation. 3. Problem 7.22 from the textbook, page 352. 4. Problem 7.23 from the textbook, page 352. 5. Problem 7.26 from the textbook, page 352. 6. Problem 8.5 from the textbook, page 394....
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