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UC Davis 1 Hussain Al-Asaad U NIVERSITY OF C ALIFORNIA —D AVIS D EPARTMENT OF E LECTRICAL & C OMPUTER E NGINEERING EEC180A—D IGITAL S YSTEMS I S PRING 2008 F INAL E XAM S TUDENT I NFORMATION I NSTRUCTIONS • The exam is closed book and notes. Up to three double-sided cheat sheets are allowed. • Print your name and your ID number. • There are six problems in the exam. Solve five of them completely and put an X in the table below for the problem that you do not wish to be graded. Show your work for partial credit. • If you need more space for your solution, use the back of the sheets. E XAM G RADE Name ID Number Problem Maximum Points Student Score 12 0 22 0 32 0 42 0 52 0 62 0 Total 100
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UC Davis 2 Hussain Al-Asaad 1. M EALY S TATE M ACHINES (20 POINTS ) A Mealy finite state machine has one input X and one output Z . The output Z = 1 occurs when both sequences 000 and 111 (000 followed by 111 or 111 followed by 000) are observed on the input X . Once Z is 1, it remains 1 indefinitely. Draw the state diagram of this machine. Do not use excessive number of states. Two cases of a typical input-output behavior are shown below: X 010001011101110 Y 000000000111111 X 010111010001110 Y 000000000011111
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