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Question3-1 a) $100,000 b) 2522 Longfellow, Chicago IL 60823 c) Acquisition Date: 7/5/2008 ; Acquisition cost: $200,660.00 d) I believe that the cashcustomers are the customers get paid by cash and  therefore are recorded in system as “cashcustomers” instead of the real  customer name, which get paid by check, credit card, or ACH, etc.  e) Selling price: $235; Cost: $164 Question 3-2 a) 00-4510-01 b) Are you sure you want to delete this customer record?
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Unformatted text preview: c) The control prevent me to avoid delete the customer by accident. d) To make sure that no important information got deleted. e) 10? f) Commission rate: 3%; Feb. 2017:$4949.70 g) Yes h) To prevent any unauthorized change to the system, like employee change the commission rate by themselves. Question 3-3 Question 3-4 Question 3-5...
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