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mgt 351 test_0002 - ’7 For a company such as Johnson&...

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Unformatted text preview: ’7_ For a company such as Johnson & Johnson that-makes personal care _ products, medications, and medical supplies, which of the following would be considered as customers? ‘ a. Hospitals b. Pharmacies 0. Families Individuals Q All of these. Si. Which of the following is an element in the organization’s internal envrronment? ' . Political-legal b. Competitors @ Physical environment Strategic allies e. Technology 9,. All of the following are common arguments in favor of secial responsibility for organizations except a. corporations are citizens inthe US society. b. businesses have the resources necessary to solve problems. business lacks the expertise to manage social programs. . business is a partner, along with the government and the general population, in the US society. 6 business creates problems and should therefore help solve them. [0, Which of the following outlines the organization’s purpose, assumptions, values, and direction? g . . c. Strategic plan d. Strategic goal e. Operational plan (.7 'Echmfifwwk a" c. developmental. ' E d. imposed. e. operational. I 2 The Limited, a large clothing chain, does an exceptionally good job of ' tracking its store inventory and replenishing sold items within forty—eight hours of the sale. In its inventory management control procedures, The Limited has a : narrow scope of activities. @ distinctive competency. . poor resource—deployment. /d. broad, strategic plan. e. broad scope of activities. [5” Which of the following is a true statement? a. Corporate-level strategy is about managing several businesses simultaneously. b Business-level strategy is made by managers at a lower level of the organization hierarchy than is corporate-level strategy. - e. None of these. ‘ . 5 ...
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