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mgt 351 test_0018 - Jul What is the major difference...

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Unformatted text preview: Jul. What is the major difference between a single—use plan and a standing plan? a. The single—use plan is used by a single person while the standing plan is for groups A. ,, m. ~ ‘ “"““'W~ ~ , - b The single-use plan 15 for nonrecurring situations while the standmgu‘fi ’ wplan is forflrecurnng‘snuations M" " ‘ M“ “W M... mm a” The ”single-use plan 15 less-developed and detailed than the standing plan. d. The single—use plan contains every single step in the process, while a standing plan is more generic and vague in nature. e. There is no difference—the terms mean the same thing. 11 Next year will be the first time that a certain regional manufacturing organization will close one of its plants. The type of decisions in this situ ion that will be encountered by its upper levels of management are decisions. nonprogrammed - programmed c. satisficing d. rational e. irrational ‘13 Which of the following is an assumption of the classical decision-making model? a. Decision makers have complete and correct information. Decision makers are always logical and rational. A condition of certainty exists. Decision makers act in the best interest of the organization. @ All of these. 34: Which one of the following is an entrepreneur? A hard Arnes, an investor in Red Raider, which is run by his two partners . James Hill who owns Midtown TV but works as a Motorola engineer 1 Sally Pell who runs Midtown TV for its owner James Hill Q Chad Olsen, who hired a consulting firm to research his business idea and help him set up Help— Doc, of which he is now General Manager e. None of these. ...
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