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tax research test 1_0012

tax research test 1_0012 - Federal T Inc Research Eighth...

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Unformatted text preview: Federal T Inc Research, Eighth Edition Page 3-23 11. 13. 15. e. Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes Subchapter K of Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code is the part of the Code relating to: a. Corporate taxation b. Deferred Compensation 0. Mutual fund taxation d. International taxation e. Partnership taxation .J In §1031(a)(3)(B), the letter "B" stands for the: a. section b. subsection c. paragraph d. subparagraph e. clause Congressional Committee Reports are published every six months in permanent form in: a. The Revenue Rulings b. The Cumulative Bulletins c. The Revenue Procedures d. Publication 17 e. The Federal Register Which of the following is not an administrative source of the federal tax law? a. Treasury Department Regulations b. Board of Tax Appeals Rulings c. Revenue Rulings (1. Revenue Procedures e. Treasury Decisions Which of the following is not printed in the Internal Revenue Bulletin? a. Code Sections b. Revenue Rulings c. Revenue Procedures . (1. Announcements 6. Treasury Decisions Committee Reports generally are referred to by: a. Year b. Section c. Report Paragraph d. Public Law Number 6. Congressional Session Number The One-hundred-first Congressional Session covers the following years: a. 1954-55 b. 1960—61 c. 1980-81 d. 1989-90 e. Cannot be determined from the data given Subtitles of the Code are: numbered, from 1 through 96. numbered 1 through 9602. denoted by lower-case roman numerals. assigned a capital letter to identify them. P-S" 579’ ...
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