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tax research test 1_0024

tax research test 1_0024 - Federal Tax Research Eight/1...

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Unformatted text preview: Federal Tax Research, Eight/1 Edition Page 5-38 d. Court of Appeals _e. Supreme Court ‘5 1 _. L {lg/’22. The citation ABC v. US, 96 7 US. 567 (2012) tells the tax researcher that this is a decision by which court? a. District Court b. Tax Court 0. U.S. Court of Federal Claims d. Court of Appeals e. Supreme Comt 23. Which is the newest trial court (created in 1982)? a. Tax Court b District Court c. US. Court of Federal Claims / d. Federal Circuit Court _/ 6 Court of Appeals KC figs. L 24. A District Court decision cannot be found in which of thc following court reporter? l a. F Supp b. TC » c USTC ' f d AFTR2d " ’ e. US __ 25. In which of the following courts is a jury trial available? a. District Court b Tax Court c. US. Court of Federal Claims d. Court of Appeals e. A jury trial is available in all of the above courts 1' V 26. Which of the following means “in law or lawful; legitimate?” a. defacto b. dejure c. en banc d. primafacie e. None of the above 27. What is the procedure called that determines if the authorities can hold an individual in custody? nola contenders a. b. deposition 6. habeas corpus . d. parol evidence / 6. None of the above Ir/ .«4/9 L k“: 28. Matifeld, Kenneth, KTC 2009-67 (CA-9) is an example ofa citation from which court reporter? at, CCH's USTC comt reporter b. RIA'S AFTR2d court reporter {We} _ (l e. Infotax CD—ROM com't reporter U § " t“. 3..“ L“ 3“ #- d. West's F.3d court reporter 6. None of the above 2 ...
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